So I decided to post here again for the second day in a row.

My ride actually showed up (semi) on time last night. Sure, we had a 10 minute detour to drop off someone at the Museum in Hull, Quebec, but I was at the mall within 30 minutes. I always had the idea that Para Transpo should operate like Pizza Pizza. If it’s not here within 30 minutes, you get a free ride. Perhaps, they’d realize that there’s something wrong with the system.

A Reporter from The Ottawa Citizen called me last week after I told them about not being able to get out due to the OC Transpo strike. My theory was & is that Para Transpo is allowing way too many people to use the service, but don’t require it. Low and behold, a Doctor admitted in the same Newspaper two days later that she purposely lied on applications so her Patients could use the service.

Oh My God!

That’s unheard of!

A Person in a white (angel) coat makes false statements and offers a false sense of security to patients.


Anyways, like I was saying.

I managed to get shopping done for Valentine’s Day. It felt good to get out finally. I spent three & a half days stuck in bed earlier this week. My chair suddenly crapped out last week. It costed nearly $5000 to get it repaired, which is nuts. Because of this, the repair cash has run out and now I’ll be getting a new chair with better technology. Personally, I’d like a vibrating chair with hydraulics, but I really don’t think that would be covered.

So now, the long road begins for getting a new chair. Hopefully, the one I have now will last a few more months or however long it takes to get a new one.

Gimpin’ ain’t easy, what can I say?

After I got home last night, I spent the rest of the night thawing out.

As for this weekend, I’m taking my Wife to Lunch tomorrow & her Dad is coming to visit on Sunday.

That’s it for now.

Have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by.


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