Last night was pretty interesting.

We went to see Salman Rushdie talk about his views on the World and Religion.

We arrived around 7:30 and the thing started just after 8.

We had tickets for reserved seating, which was worth $75 and near the front. There was no way for me to get there due to stairs. They covered their ass by offering my Wife a chair by the stairs instead. The chair was broken, so we had to get another.

I don’t care if we won the $75 tickets. They don’t know if we paid for them or not. They could’ve at least been a little more respectful, but that’s my opinion.

Much to my surprised (not really) there was no wheelchair accessible bathroom. Not that I’m a drinker anymore, but a glass of Wine would’ve been really good. Over two hours later, I was really glad that I didn’t drink because I really had to pee.

This is just my opinion, but if the festival wants to spend all that money to import a tent from Belgium, they may wanna see if disabled people can enjoy it as much as anyone else.

I guess they don’t expect disabled people to afford $75 or want to have some fun under the big top.

We’re poor crippled folks, ya know?

It’s good to see that the “Rosa Parks — back of the bus” mentality has become “disabled person — back of the room” mentality.

I even would’ve had a hard time meeting him because the meet and greet on stage. I’m sure he would’ve came to us, but it was late anyways. Apparently, he was staring at me for awhile before he went on stage. It could’ve been interesting if we had met.

Tonight, I’m going to Rehab to play Boccia. The Regional Tournament is this Saturday from 9-4. I’m kinda nervous/anxious, but hopefully it’ll go well.

  1. Kate says:

    Sucks. And it really takes so little to not suck. My sisters and mom went to a Hootie and the Blowfish concert, probably 10 years ago, and the band did a fantastic job of rearranging things just a little, just enough so that they could all enjoy it.

    I have found that an advance phone call can help smooth out some of the problems. It’s not fair that you’d need to call first when no one else needs to, but, well, it’s one battle at a time.

  2. ryanlythall says:

    Apparently the tent was built in Belgium and was sent here. It’s not 100% the festival’s fault, but they should’ve checked.

    We called and emailed them prior to going, but no response back.

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