I can’t believe how good I slept.

I fell asleep just after 3 am and I was out like a light. Around 7:30, I started waking up, but once I saw the time, I passed out again.

At 10, I woke up to make a call and started my day. So far, my day has consisted of laundry. My Wife & I are heading out tonight to a classy event.

We will be attending “An Evening With Salman Rushdie”. He’s an extremely contreversial author that wrote The Satanic Verses.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t really know that much about him. She won the tickets so I decided to go with her. I’m mostly going to this in order to be seen by Ottawa’s elite. It sounds snobby, but I think it’s good to get cultured and see/meet people that you wouldn’t normally get to see.

My Wife surprised me by buying me floor lamps for my newly designed bedroom. After that, we “baptised” my new bed.

Yep, we’re classy folks.

Stay classy, Blog fans.

  1. growthdance says:

    Glad you are loving your new bed . I have been using the word classy alot lately.. ” That is classy” or ” she is classy” or ” I am classy like that” . You inspired me to start another blog… 😉 Wishing you a wonderful day.

  2. ryanlythall says:

    Thanks Brooke
    Well I do think you’re pretty classy. You certainly come off better saying it than I do.

    Let me know where your new blog is.

  3. growthdance says:

    growthdance.wordpress.com is the latest blog

  4. ryanlythall says:

    I’ll check it out.

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