I’m tired but here’s a rundown of my day.

8:30 am — Woke up

8:50 am — Bed store called to say they’ll be here between 12-3.

9:30 am — Coffee

10:30 am — Deconstruction of my old bed begins with help from the super.

11:15 am — Old bed is out of my place and in pieces.

11:30 am — New room design begins with moving tv and computer stands.

12:45 pm — Bed company arrives

1:00 pm — Bed’s installed

2:00 pm — Finished minor rearranging

2:15 pm — Break

2:50 pm — Called cable company to find out how to rehook digital tv box.

3:30 pm — Attempt at napping, but didn’t go well due to people calling. I LOVE the bed.

8:00 pm — My Wife called and said she got me a surprise at IKEA.

8:30 pm — Ending this post.

  1. growthdance says:

    awww that was just mean… what was the surprize at Ikea.. or do I really wanta know 😛

  2. ryanlythall says:

    She bought me floor lamps.

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