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It’s been almost a week since my last post. Some parts of my week are like a blur to me, but I’ll try to recap everything the best that I can.

Last Saturday was the regionals for Boccia. The day was freakin nuts and not just because I got up at 5:30 in the morning.

I arrived just before 8 with my Coffee and my Boccia gear. It was interesting seeing the staff and athletes arrive. I also got to see all the setting up that was involved. It was pretty overwhelming for a new guy like myself.

My games started shortly after 9 am and I had no real break until 3 PM. They had me face some of the finest players in Canada, which was a bit intimidating. I somehow managed to hold my own against them and a few even complimented me, which meant a lot to me actually.

I didn’t win any games that day, but managed to win some ends. There’s 4 ends in an actual game. My last game was heartbreaking. I came back from trailing 2-0 to make it 3-2 for me. The score was tied 3-3 after 3 ends, but he managed to score 3 points and I loss 6-3.

After that game, I was PISSED. Not to the point that I was telling people off, but pretty close. I was better once I left and cooled off. My Wife had arrived by then and gave me a massage’ on the sidelines.

After over an hour of waiting for my next game, they told me that there was no time for my last game. It would instead be played on Wednesday night, but she didn’t show up. After playing 5 games non-stop, my day was over.

As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t win any actual games on Saturday. When I showed up for practice on Wednesday, I was informed that I was invited to another Tournament in July in Scarborough, Ontario.

My actual reaction to this was simply asking how. How did I manage to qualify without winning a single game? Apparently I impressed the right people with my playing, plus they need more players.

Ok…sounds good

Now I just need to see if it’s paid for and I’m off to Scarborough in July for the Ontario ParaSports Games.

I now firmly believe that a bizarro world exists.

The only problem is that it throws a potential wrench in to my trip to Montreal, but we’ll see.

After Boccia practice, I headed to Yuk Yuk’s to do my Comedy. There was a heckler in the crowd, which always makes things interesting. I managed to shut them up and had a good solid set.

What can I say? I lead a double life I guess.

It’s Victoria Day Weekend here this weekend. I think we’re supposed to honour a beaver named Victoria that wore a crown. Yup, that’s what we celebrate, folks. Put that image in your head.

Other notes:

— My Wife & I spent all Saturday evening in my bed relaxing, talking, and looking at my old photo albums.

— My Sister dropped by on Tuesday with my Nephew. It’s too bad she wasn’t in town longer.

— My Wife & I attended the Tulip Festival on Sunday and went to the International Village. Welcome to Ottawa, suckers! WE LOVE TULIPS WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY TOO MUCH! We hope you like unbloomed flowers. My Wife disturbed a vendor at the Mexico tent by saying that I wanted to buy a wrestling mask and wear it during sex. True story. We’re now banned from Mexico.

— Despite my new bed, I still enjoy sleeping in. I’m not lazy, I’m energetically challenged.

— Karma sounds like a good name for a stripper. I wonder if she’d pay YOU back instead or screw you? Something to think about.

Well that’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

See you soon, Blog fans.


Sorry but not much time to post.

Been busy practicing and gearing up for tomorrow’s (Saturday) Boccia Tournament.

I’ve been practicing Boccia all afternoon.

The regionals are this Saturday and I’m determined to do well.

I even canceled plans to see a movie to go see a movie with my Wife and her friend tonight.

I guess I’d rather practice playing with my balls.

Wish me luck, folks.

Last night was pretty interesting.

We went to see Salman Rushdie talk about his views on the World and Religion.

We arrived around 7:30 and the thing started just after 8.

We had tickets for reserved seating, which was worth $75 and near the front. There was no way for me to get there due to stairs. They covered their ass by offering my Wife a chair by the stairs instead. The chair was broken, so we had to get another.

I don’t care if we won the $75 tickets. They don’t know if we paid for them or not. They could’ve at least been a little more respectful, but that’s my opinion.

Much to my surprised (not really) there was no wheelchair accessible bathroom. Not that I’m a drinker anymore, but a glass of Wine would’ve been really good. Over two hours later, I was really glad that I didn’t drink because I really had to pee.

This is just my opinion, but if the festival wants to spend all that money to import a tent from Belgium, they may wanna see if disabled people can enjoy it as much as anyone else.

I guess they don’t expect disabled people to afford $75 or want to have some fun under the big top.

We’re poor crippled folks, ya know?

It’s good to see that the “Rosa Parks — back of the bus” mentality has become “disabled person — back of the room” mentality.

I even would’ve had a hard time meeting him because the meet and greet on stage. I’m sure he would’ve came to us, but it was late anyways. Apparently, he was staring at me for awhile before he went on stage. It could’ve been interesting if we had met.

Tonight, I’m going to Rehab to play Boccia. The Regional Tournament is this Saturday from 9-4. I’m kinda nervous/anxious, but hopefully it’ll go well.

I can’t believe how good I slept.

I fell asleep just after 3 am and I was out like a light. Around 7:30, I started waking up, but once I saw the time, I passed out again.

At 10, I woke up to make a call and started my day. So far, my day has consisted of laundry. My Wife & I are heading out tonight to a classy event.

We will be attending “An Evening With Salman Rushdie”. He’s an extremely contreversial author that wrote The Satanic Verses.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t really know that much about him. She won the tickets so I decided to go with her. I’m mostly going to this in order to be seen by Ottawa’s elite. It sounds snobby, but I think it’s good to get cultured and see/meet people that you wouldn’t normally get to see.

My Wife surprised me by buying me floor lamps for my newly designed bedroom. After that, we “baptised” my new bed.

Yep, we’re classy folks.

Stay classy, Blog fans.

I’m tired but here’s a rundown of my day.

8:30 am — Woke up

8:50 am — Bed store called to say they’ll be here between 12-3.

9:30 am — Coffee

10:30 am — Deconstruction of my old bed begins with help from the super.

11:15 am — Old bed is out of my place and in pieces.

11:30 am — New room design begins with moving tv and computer stands.

12:45 pm — Bed company arrives

1:00 pm — Bed’s installed

2:00 pm — Finished minor rearranging

2:15 pm — Break

2:50 pm — Called cable company to find out how to rehook digital tv box.

3:30 pm — Attempt at napping, but didn’t go well due to people calling. I LOVE the bed.

8:00 pm — My Wife called and said she got me a surprise at IKEA.

8:30 pm — Ending this post.

Almost There

Posted: May 4, 2008 in Daily Life, Daily Living, personal

My new bed will be here tomorrow and I can’t wait.

Tomorrow will also mark my 100th post on here.

You’re only a day away.