Last night, I watched the Montreal vs Boston game. Montreal lost 2-1 in overtime. I’m telling people that IF Ottawa loses, I’ll be cheering for Montreal. I grew up a Habs fan and was lucky enough to meet many of the players while I lived in the hospital. At the time, they were the nearest NHL team. I’m also a fan of the City itself and my Wife was born there. As you can see, I have ties to the City in a few ways.

Meanwhile, my beloved Ottawa Senators trail their series with Pittsburgh 2-0. News surfaced this afternoon that Jason Spezza will return for tonight’s game and perhaps Daniel Alfredsson as well. This is obviously good news for the Sens, but they need to start shutting down the Penguins defensively. They also need to start scoring like we all know they’re capable of. Most of all, they need to get their heads out of their asses quick.

In other news…

Well, not much to be honest.

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