Alright, so this will be an actual post.

Yesterday, the Physio Therapist came by to beat my Chest. Chest Physio literally consists of someone pounding all over your Chest. The theory is that it loosens up mucous so it comes out easier. It doesn’t really hurt unless the person hits too hard. If that happens, yeah, it can be painful, but I’m pretty tough.

A little while later, I got suctioned. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned what that is so here goes. Suctioning involves putting a thin tube down my neck. The tube is attached to a machine that acts like a vaccum cleaner. The machine suctions mucous out from my lungs. It sucks (literally) but it’s one of the things that keeps me alive.

After I got suctioned, I suddenly had a blockage. Sometimes it’s serious and sometimes it’s just really annoying. This time it was semi serious, but subsided. It kept returning off & on for the next few hours, but it eventually came out.

When this happens, I get less air and end up feeling mentally foggy for the rest of the day and normally a headache too. Needless to say, it’s not overly fun for me.

I watched the Senators game, at least as much as I could. It was a close game, at least for a little while. Ottawa fell apart near the end and Pittsburgh won 5-3. They now lead the best of 7 series 2-0 and the next game’s Monday night here in Ottawa.

Tonight, my Wife & I are heading out to Dinner for our 4th anniversary. I’ll be back here tomorrow though.


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