Last night was great. As long as I ignore the fact that the Senators loss 4-0 to Pittsburgh in Game 1 of their playoffs series.

I called in sick for my show and had it changed to next week instead. It just means that I gotta pull double duty with Boccia and then my show that night, but I don’t care.

After my Wife returned from work yesterday, we spent some time together before the game started, which was wonderful.

By the time I turned the game on, it was 2-0 for Pittsburgh heading into the 2nd period. Not good.

This Weekend, we’ll be exchanging gifts and heading out to Dinner. Just like the first time we met, it’s supposed to rain all weekend.

I forgot to mention yesterday about the movie we saw on Tuesday night. I won 4 passes to see a screening of Sea Monsters. The movie was pretty neat. They’re were time where I felt like I was underwater.

After the movie, we walked home with a few pit stops along the way, including a stop at Tim Horton’s. We shared a Hot Chocolate, which helped me warm up.

After that, we watched Beauty & The Geek and that was it.

As for tonight, who knows what’s on tap.

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