It all started on a Friday night. I was sitting at home on a cold Winter’s night. I was bored out of my mind surfing the web. My best friend was out of town at his Parents, so I was just hoping for someone to message me on Yahoo. I didn’t really care who. I just wanted some reassurance that I was in fact still a part of the world, the so called human race.

Out of nowhere, I received a message. My first thought was blah, here I go again, “another failed attempt at picking up online is about to begin”, but this was different. Her first reaction was asking about my interest in Sociology. Before I go on, I’ll explain it a little more.

At the time, I was attending Adult High School and had signed up for Sociology Class. At the last minute, I was pulled out due to a lack of Class space. I had forgotten to remove it from my Yahoo profile.

She asked me right away if I studied Sociology and in my retardedness, I quickly responded yes. A few seconds later, I realized that I just lied. As the days went by and we got to know eachother better, my guilt began to grow. Eventually, I confessed and she told me that she had already figured it out.

As time went on, we started getting closer and closer. I found myself thinking about her and missing her all the time. There was a problem though, she lived on the East Coast of Canada and I was stuck here in Ottawa. I had been through the charade of long distant online relationships and the results were never positive.

I honestly forget how it happened exactly, but the next thing I knew we made plans for her to visit about a month after we started chatting. I was scared, nervous, anxious when April 9th arrived. She opened the door to my place with Luggage on a Trolley. I was completely stunned and speechless, but that quickly changed. We spent all weekend laughing and getting to know eachother, in more ways than one. It just so happened that it rained outside all weekend, but everything was Sunny in our world. Like all good things in life, the end seemed to come too soon.

On Tuesday Afternoon, I dropped her off at the Airport. I cried like a baby as we kissed and said our goodbyes. She was a little more tactful and only started crying after she left.

To be honest, I wasn’t completely sure if I’d ever see her again. I had almost convinced myself that my Disability and all my other Medical issues were too much for her to handle. All of my Ex’s had left me (or no showed) just for that reason alone. Needless to say, I had it tattooed to my brain.

We started chatting more after she returned home. As it turned out, she didn’t get enough of me. She returned for another visit just a few weeks later. I was in awe, absolute awe. A beautiful woman was in love with me just as much as I was and still am with her.

Four years later, we’re still together. Like every Couple, we’ve had our share of good times and bad times, but our love is still strong.

Four years later, I called her at 7 AM to say Happy Anniversary, even though I was half asleep. A few hours later, she invited me to have Coffee at a nearby Mall during her Lunch break.

To my one & only true love, thank you for the last four years. You mean so much to me and I’ll see you soon.

In closing, I just want to say that online relationships CAN work. I especially recommend them to Disabled people. It’s been my experience that one’s personality shines through online instead of your Wheelchair and/or your Disability.

The moral of this post is: If you want something bad enough, go for it.

  1. Kate says:

    Happy anniversary!

    I love a good love story.

  2. treadmarkz says:

    Definitely. I met my wife online and I let her get to know what I was about and to trust me and to feel something for me and then I let her know I was in a chair (don’t worry I didnt keep it from her long, we clicked fast). And four years later we got married, and we are about to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. No matter what relationship you are in, always be open and honest. Trust them that they will always see you for who you are.

  3. ryanlythall says:

    That’s very solid advice.

    Congrats on your upcoming anniversary.
    I wish you both many many more years of happiness together.

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