I headed to Walmart today. I have a love/hate thing for Walmart.

A new Super Walmart opened up so I checked it out. The ride itself took just over an hour, which was really annoying. By the time I got there, I wanted to return home.

The freakin place is HUGE and even has a Grocery Store in it.
I spent about two hours going up and down the aisles.

People can be pretty dumb when it comes to getting out of my way. I give people two options if they’re in my way, move, or be moved. Things can be interesting when you drive a 500+ pound powered wheelchair. I do my best not to hit people, but sometime it’s unavoidable. On the other hand, sometimes I WANT to run over people, but I hold back.

If you want to piss off Walmart Shoppers and have a blast at the same time, here’s a tip.

Go with a friend. Grab two of those Scooters that they have. Race around the Store in them and if anyone asks, just say you’re doing the Walmart Indy and the winner gets a new Wheelchair. This also works if you’re in a Wheelchair already. If any of you actually do this, I want Pictures or a Video of it.

When I was Single, I’d often go to Bars or Clubs and get hammered. Driving home was often challenging, but I never got hit or anything and never got pulled over. I’d be curious to see a Cop do a Breathalyzer test on me while I’m using a Ventilator 24/7 to breathe. Just imagine the Cop’s face when I told him that.

So as for Walmart.

I bought some Shirts for Summer, & Mrs Doubtfire on DVD. Next week is my 4th Anniversary for my Wife & I. I bought a few things for that, but I’m not gonna say what right now.

I’m really not liking the new WordPress Dashboard. For one thing, they removed the word count thing. This may sound odd, but I like knowing how many words I typed in a post. I can’t really explain why, I just do. I’m sure there’s more things about it that I’ll uncover as time goes on. They should at least give people the option to use “Classic” Dashboard as well.

This is what happens when you give Nerds Red Bull.

So the Ottawa Senators loss last night, but managed to make it to the Playoffs. They pulled a Homer. Let’s see how well they do.

Well, that’s all for now.

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