I’m slowly starting to believe that Spring didn’t forget about Ottawa, Canada. It’s still a little cold here, but apparently it’s gonna get warmer over the next few days. Not soon enough for me, but I’ll take it. I’ve had enough of Winter and I’m ready to break free and have some fun outside.

My only concrete plans for this weekend is watching Wrestlemania. If I can’t get a ride to see it at the Theatre, I’ll probably watch it at home.

I’ve been a Wrestling fan for about 21 years now. I still get teased about it at times, but I don’t care. A few years ago, I worked for a Local Wrestling Company for about six months. At one event, I got to hold the Titles and various Robes. That was pretty neat to be part of the action. I also did Backstage duties as well. I got to hang out with Raven a few times and he even smashed a guy’s face with my Tray on my Wheelchair. So, that was one of my boyhood dreams that came true. Yes, it sounds corny, but how many Physically Disabled Wrestling fans can say they actually worked in Wrestling?

As far as Wrestlemania goes, I may do a post tomorrow giving my predictions for the show, but I haven’t decided yet.

So how many of you plan on taking part in Earth Hour this Saturday? Earth Hour is where people all across the World are supposed to turn off all their lights for one hour from 8-9 PM.

It’s a good idea in theory, but I have to wonder how much of an impact it will actually have. I guess it depends how many people and companies take part in the event.

I still plan on Blogging tomorrow, but probably not between 8-9 PM.


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