Serenity Now, Sanity Later

Posted: March 20, 2008 in Daily Life, Daily Living, disability, personal, Uncategorized
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As most of you know, today was my second session of Couples Counseling.

I’m not gonna go in details because that’s personal and not free for public viewing.

One thing that I will say is this. Over the course of the past 33 years since my life started, many many people have said that I’m extraordinary or amazing for what I’ve done with my life and continue to do. To an extent, they’re making me out to be superhuman or at least someone without any flaws.

To be honest, I’m no different than anyone else.

I admit that I have flaws and made mistakes. Hell, I still make mistakes constantly.

Just because I have flaws or make mistakes, it doesn’t mean that I’m a bad person with bad intentions.

It simply means that I’m a normal human.

A human that happens to use a power chair to get around and a ventilator to breathe.

I breathe the same air and walk the same path as everyone.

  1. globalglamour says:

    lol ur funny

  2. ryanlythall says:

    Happy Easter Paco.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. ryanlythall says:

    I wasn’t trying to be funny, but ok.

  4. Kate says:

    One of my very favorite things is when my sister goes a little insane. She’s normally very quiet and reserved – a lifetime of carefully observing a situation before entering in, a permanent conditioning to judge the situation differently for things like safety and exit-strategy and chewability that the rest of us can take for granted. She’s a thinker, because she has to be. And everyone focuses on her disability, forcing her to do so, to the point where she just becomes another Strong Weak Person. No personality to strangers, and just Mary to family.

    And once in a while she loses a little control – gets snippy, or giddy, or whatever the case may be, and I just love that. Those are, to me, the normalest times of all, when her disability shrinks entirely to the background of just being an adolescent. A person.

  5. ryanlythall says:

    Well said.
    People tend to think that disabled people and their spouses and/or families are perfect saints and that’s just not true.

    Everyone’s the same, but yet nobody’s perfect.

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