My Wheelchair was taken away early this morning for minor repairs. It returned just before 11 and I got up shortly afterwards.

With the weather being decent, I decided to do a few errands.

Just before I left, I ran into tech problems with my Ventilator.

When I sit at my PC, I usually plug the Ventilator into the wall to conserve battery power. When I plugged it in, it wasn’t switching over. Needless to say, it had potential to become a serious problem. I called to see if I could fix it and they said they’d ship out two new machines asap.

A little while later, they called back to tell me to check a button. Sure enough, once we pushed it, all returned to normal.

I managed to go to the Bank to get laundry change, bought Yogurt and Coffee Cream, did four loads of laundry, took down recycling. Now I sit here blogging about it.

Come to think of it, I’m done with this for now too.

Back tomorrow


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