Happy St Patrick’s Day to all.

Just for the record, I am indeed half Irish, which is very cool to me.

So last night, we went to see Bank Job.

It’s a great movie and I highly recommend it.

Things got interesting.

When we arrived, we saw a sign that said the Elevators were broken and to use the ones down the hall. We got to the other ones and noticed that they only went down and the theatre was on the top floor. I was taken to the Freight Elevator and got there in time to see the movie.

Things were good until after the movie.

After I returned from the Bathroom, I was informed that the Freight Elevator had broken down. So now, we were stuck. Actually I was stuck there. They offered us to see another movie for free with free snacks. I decided against the movie and snacks and just decided to wait it out while sitting with my Wife.

As luck would have it, all was fixed about 20-30 minutes later and we headed home. I had to cancel my ride, so we hopped on an OC Transpo bus.

It was just another wacky adventure in the life of a disabled person.


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