The Moment Of Truth Has Arrived

Posted: March 6, 2008 in comedy, Daily Life, Daily Living, personal, Uncategorized
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So last night, I went all the way to the Rehab to play Boccia, but everything was locked up and nobody was there. I was disappointed.

My only options were to wait over an hour for my ride to take me home or to take a cab. Needless to say, I paid $17 and went home.

I returned home just in time to watch The Moment Of Truth.  For those that don’t know what that is, I’ll tell you what it is. It’s a TV Game Show where players are hooked up to a lie detector and everytime they tell the truth, they win money.

Just to add to the drama, Family, and loved ones are right there with them.

For those that missed last week’s show, take a look.

Let’s roll the footage.

Now, I’m a fan of the show because first of all it exposes people without involving nudity. That’s a novel concept by itself. The other reason why I like it is because it proves my theory that a lot of people will do anything to get rich, including hurting loved ones. Add in the fact that millions are watching, and there’s your ideal combo. Fame and money is what many people want, including myself.

I thank my lucky stars that I’m not on that show. I really don’t think that I’d do very well.

It’s been on for a few weeks now and I hope that it stays.

  1. Kate says:

    It’s hugely popular down here. I haven’t watched it yet, just too many shows already on the DVR. But the commercials look a bit like car accidents… you want to look away but you just can’t.

  2. ryanlythall says:

    I could not have summed it up better.

    I have a PVR, which is basically the same thing.
    They’re pretty handy.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. treadmarkz says:

    This week they tried to sell it like it was going to be even more controversial and uncomfortable than last week, but it was hardly anything in comparison, unless I missed something. I don’t think it will last. I think they blew their proverbial load last week.

  4. ryanlythall says:

    The previews seem to suggest that a Male was gonna be made to look like her.
    Only thing they can do to top it is to get a Catholic Priest or George Bush.

  5. treadmarkz says:

    Ooooh…burn…but true.

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