This isn’t a ratings ploy or anything. I wish to discuss sex because it’s what on my mind and this is my blog.

Sex is something that’s on my mind a lot. I may be disabled, but I’m definitely sexabled.

It’s been my experience that people don’t automatically think of disabled people as sexual beings, which is wrong. In certain cases, it’s true that we can’t have sex. With that said though, there’s ways around that and sex doesn’t have to be intercourse. Without going into details, feel free to use your imagination or just search the web and you can get details and information.

As you probably expect, sex was one of the reasons for my crappy day yesterday. I’m not gonna go into details because it’s personal and will remain between my Wife & I. At least at my end. Sadly though, things have a way of sneaking out even when I keep my mouth shut.

I will say one thing about sex though. I know some may not wish to read this part, but I know others will crave this. After all, this is the internet, right?

In order for me to have sex, I require either two people to lift me into bed or use an automatic lift device. As you can imagine, it tends “to get in the way” at times. Hell, I’ll just say it. It often kills the mood, but not for me.

From there, someone has to undress me, at least partly.

To make a long story short, the woman has to be on top and does most of the work. A lot of people reading this are probably thinking that’s awesome, sexy, hot, kinky etc. I have to admit that it does have its perks, but not always. I would absolutely love to do more, but that’s not really possible.

It takes two equally creative people to make it work between a disabled person and an able bodied person. I can only imagine what it’s like if both are disabled in the relationship.

I hate to say this, but I’d never date a disabled person. Just for the reason that it would be extremely tough for us to have sex. I’m sorry, but I just like sex a little too much.

The reason why I’m posting this is well for two reasons.

1. Part of the reason why I love to blog is because I feel that it’s a great way for others to learn about at least one person with a severe disability. The more people that learn, the less chance of ignorance walking amongst us, or so I like to believe.

2. Even for a brief moment, you thought of disabled people in a new way.

Enough said.

Happy Sexin’ Everyone

  1. treadmarkz says:

    You beat me to it man. For days now I have been thinking about how to approach this subject in an open-minded, yet productive manner. You have done that. You have really opened up to an unknown number of people you do not know, and told them intimate details about yourself (which I wouldnt have even done, I would have made it a general thing about disabled people) but in doing so you made it more real than it could have been if it was some general how to thing for the disabled. I was thinking of writing something because there isnt much out there about disabled people and sex. Even has resources but not many people discussing the issue. Nice work, my friend.

  2. ryanlythall says:

    Thanks very much for the comment. It’s definitely been an eye opener for many, including myself. Even though I wrote it, the response and reaction has been better than I imagined.
    I don’t really believe in hiding much on here, also it helps out others as well.

    I’m glad you liked it.

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