Requests are still coming in from different Local Charities for me to perform. So far, I’ve said yes to all.

It’s freakin cold here. If Global Warming exists, it’s certainly not here. Apparently, I’m living on another Planet, which explains ALOT.

Paris Hilton annoys me. No, it didn’t just pop in my head. I generally have that thought in my head often. She’s like Herpes, she never fully goes away.

In other news, my hometown team, the Ottawa Senators fired their Coach, John Paddock and rehired Brian Murray. I think Cher should sing “If I Could Turn Back Time” at an upcoming Sens Game.

I read today that the Health Minister of Ontario wants to try out Adult Diapers. Apparently, Nursing Home Residents aren’t receiving good care and left sitting in soiled diapers. He wants to see how absorbant they are. Politicians really are full of shit I guess.

That’s it for now.


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