A Fun Day On The Rideau Canal

Posted: February 24, 2008 in canada, Daily Life, Daily Living, disability, ontario, ottawa, personal, Uncategorized
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I had a blast today.

I spent the afternoon with my Wife on the Rideau Canal. This was my first time there in ten years. The reason that it had been so long was because I can’t stay out in the cold very long. Luckily, it was just above freezing, so I took full advantage.

I put on three layers of shirts. I had a hard time moving my hands, but I managed.

We called for an accessible taxi and 20 minutes later, we were on our way. In order to get on the actual ice, I cut through the National Arts Centre and got to see the backstage area.

We headed to the Chalet so my Wife could put on her skates. After that, we were off.

We didn’t go very far. We mostly just went up and down the ice for a solid hour. I pulled her on the back of my wheelchair.

I ate Taffy that was spread on snow and it was so good. I could have that more often.

We left shortly after and headed home.

It was a really fun day and got tons of fresh air, which is always good.


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