I had a rough early morning.

I should point out that roughly every hour or so, I require suctioning. Suctioning involves putting a tube in my trach and literally sucking out mucus that’s in my lungs. It doesn’t hurt me at all. I’ve been doing it for all 33 years of my life. One could say that my life sucks, but truthfully it doesn’t.

Anyways, at one point, I wasn’t able to breathe at all. There was a blockage that was pretty big. Thankfully, it came out pretty quickly and all was back to normal.

I’m a pretty tough guy that’s seen it all, lived it all, and experienced it all, but stuff like that really freaks me out. The hard part is that very few understand what it’s like.

This happened just before 1 this morning, not long after saying goodnight to my Wife before I headed home. I debated quietly whether to wake her up and inform her. I chose to call her to let her know because I love her and she really cares about me.

She was supposed to go to Montreal today for the weekend, but she canceled. I truly feel bad about it, but obviously the incident was way beyond my control. Let’s face it, there’s nothing that I can do about it.

In the past, people have said that I share way too much about my life when I blog.

First of all, I do it for therapy. It may sound odd to some, but I find that it helps my sanity by writing it down. One can argue that I could make this blog private and just write for myself. Nah, I prefer to make it public. Not only does it teach people about what I go through, but it also helps those that have the same condition as me or the same experience.

You’re not alone.

Enough about that.

It’s the weekend now, so let’s discuss that.

I’m going Shopping tomorrow for my Wife’s Birthday present. Her Birthday is this Thursday. I don’t really know what to get her, but I’m sure that I’ll find something good.

On Sunday, I’m heading to the Rehab to meet Team Ontario for Boccia. That should be pretty neat.

That’s about it for my weekend plans.


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