Last night was my night to compete in the GCLO.

The night started off good especially when I saw that it was sold out. They were even turning people away at the door.  I’m not sure how much of a hand/if any I had in it being sold out. Word of mouth/advertising is a very powerful tool. All I can say is that I promoted the hell out of it. Everything from the video interview, here, myspace, many local facebook groups, and even put signs up in my building. So who knows what happened.

As I mentioned yesterday, if everything went well, I’d have a video posted today of my set. Well, all didn’t go well. I had a plan to put the camera on my tray and elevate it to a certain height. Someone in my entourage thought that it was a bad idea because it would be a distraction. On one hand, I kinda understood their point, but didn’t 100% agree with their logic.

As it turned out, one of my Comedian friends stopped me in the Hotel Lobby and offered to filmed me. Naturally, I said yes and figured everything would be fine. As it turned out, the Manager didn’t let him set up his equipment due to a lack of space. The Bartender was supposed to inform me, but nobody did. That’s why there’s no video from last night. It’s the thought that counts though.

The show itself was pretty good. The Crowd was hot all night. It sure helps everyone involved when there’s tons of people there. Personally speaking, I tend to feed off the crowd’s energy and just deliver a better show usually. Everyone on stage seemed to follow that philosophy as well.

I was the last competitor to perform. I was happy with my set and the reaction from the crowd. Two other non competing Comedians performed after me while the Judge made his decision. I was not one of the names on his list.

I left right after the show mostly because I really had to pee. The Bathroom in the Bar isn’t very accessible, plus there was no way of me getting out because there was no room. By the time I was done, most had left the Bar.

After that, we had to wait an hour for my ride to come. I did manage to see part of the Eclipse though, which was pretty neat.

I have to admit that I’m still frustrated from last night. I’m not frustrated because I lost. I have no problem with that, to be honest. The reason why I’m frustrated is because I’m missing something. Something that every type of Entertainer has. Whether you’re a Comedian, a Singer, or even a Magician, they all have one thing, one very important thing. The thing that I’m referring to is a Stage to perform on.

Because I’m disabled and my Chair weighs over 500 pounds, I can’t get on Stage. Actually, let me rephrase that, they won’t let me get on Stage. They’re afraid that the Stage will break. When I performed last night, they had to ask a guy to move so I could perform. It was literally like I was having Dinner with him, but I had a microphone for some reason.

The annoying part is that I’ve seen at least 5 guys up there at once and have seen the combined weight of 500 pounds up there a few times and nothing happened. Hell, I’ve even seen a few people jumping on Stage at the same time and nothing happened to the Stage at all. For whatever reason, they’re either afraid or not willing to help with my needs.

The only Local Venue (at least in my experience) that has a wheelchair accessible Stage is Algonquin College. Luckily, they realized that this is no longer the 40’s or50’s and there may just be Entertainers in this world who are physically disabled.

Forgive me if I sounded bitter in the above statement. I’m truly not a bitter person. I just feel that I’m entitled to something that any and every Entertainer/Performer/Speaker gets. I may be a Minority, but that’s no reason not to include me with the Majority.

Before anyone asks, I still plan to keep doing what I do.

Thanks for reading this.

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