The Supposed Holiday That Brings Families Together

Posted: February 18, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Here in Ontario, it’s Family Day today. A day designed so that people can be with their Family instead of work. This is the first year that it’s been done.

The odd thing is that my Wife had to work. Yup, we’re celebrating Family life together.

These days the term “Family” takes on many many different meanings. For example, same sex couples fall under that umbrella and so do single people with an adopted child. The list goes on and on and some people even refer to their pets as family.

It’s virtually impossible to include everyone on that list and give everyone with “family” the day off.

The problem is that the Ontario Government rushed through the process of making today a holiday and seemingly forgot about certain people and businesses.

For example, here in Ottawa, there’s a major Mall closed. The Rideau Centre has been named a Tourist Attraction for a number of years now. They’re open on Canada Day and any other holiday, but with reduced hours.  Because of the lack of thinking, businesses such as the one listed above will lose tons of money.

This was clearly a ploy by Dalton McGuinty to get more votes in last October’s Provincial Election.

Seeing as this is the first year for Family Day, mistakes were bound to happen. The mistakes made caused confusion, misunderstandings, and loss of tons of money.

Come to think of it, it’s like being with your family after all.


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