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I just had to incorporate the word “Leap” in the title somewhere. Happy Leap Day everyone!

Yesterday was my Wife’s Birthday. I’m not gonna say how old she is because well, I know better. I guess it’s safe to say now what I bought her. I bought her a Birthday Card, and a $20 gift card to Chapters, which is a bookstore here. I also bought her the movie, Music & Lyrics. I’m taking her out to Dinner tomorrow night too.

We spent the night at her place and had nice relaxing time together.

Besides Dinner tomorrow, I don’t have any other plans this weekend.

Have a good one all.


I woke up this morning with Stomach problems. I’m not really sure what’s going on. My Diet is pretty consistant, so I have no idea what’s happening.

Today is my Wife’s Birthday. We were supposed to go out for Dinner tonight, but I wasn’t able to get a ride. Perhaps that’s a good thing considering the way I’m feeling today.  We’re gonna try again on Saturday night. Hopefully it’ll go better then.

Tonight’s the first game for The Ottawa Senators since rehiring Brian Murray as the Head Coach. The game is being broadcasted on Pay-Per-View, so I won’t be watching it. If I’m home, I may listen to it on the radio or just go to

In other news, well not a whole lot. I’m not feeling 100% so I think I’ll end this post right here.

Requests are still coming in from different Local Charities for me to perform. So far, I’ve said yes to all.

It’s freakin cold here. If Global Warming exists, it’s certainly not here. Apparently, I’m living on another Planet, which explains ALOT.

Paris Hilton annoys me. No, it didn’t just pop in my head. I generally have that thought in my head often. She’s like Herpes, she never fully goes away.

In other news, my hometown team, the Ottawa Senators fired their Coach, John Paddock and rehired Brian Murray. I think Cher should sing “If I Could Turn Back Time” at an upcoming Sens Game.

I read today that the Health Minister of Ontario wants to try out Adult Diapers. Apparently, Nursing Home Residents aren’t receiving good care and left sitting in soiled diapers. He wants to see how absorbant they are. Politicians really are full of shit I guess.

That’s it for now.

My Wife suggested that I send the link of my interview to Local Media outlets. I have several good friends that work in Media. As luck would have it, just after sending the first one, I got instant response and the possibility of being on the news soon.

I also asked to be part of local fundraising events and they have expressed interest in having me perform. If you hear of any upcoming fundraising events in Ottawa, there’s a solid chance that I’ll be performing.

For those of you that haven’t seen the video, here it is

It can also be seen at my own YouTube page at

More videos will be posted there soon, so feel free to add me.

My day was pretty much spent communicating by email about that.

In an odd way, I’m glad that I didn’t win the Contest last week. Now I have more time to focus on other ventures involving my Comedy Career.

This could be interesting

I more or less watched The Oscars last night, but with the sound off. I hadn’t seen any of the nominated movies, so I wasn’t really interested. I find the whole ordeal to be fake and superficial. Even after all these years, I don’t see the need for big award shows. At the end of the day, they still get a massive paycheck.

This week will be quiet for me. No appointments, no Boccia, no shows. About the only thing happening this week is my Wife’s Birthday, which is Thursday. We’ll probably go out this weekend.

Sorry that this wasn’t more exciting, but everyone needs a break sometime.

I had a blast today.

I spent the afternoon with my Wife on the Rideau Canal. This was my first time there in ten years. The reason that it had been so long was because I can’t stay out in the cold very long. Luckily, it was just above freezing, so I took full advantage.

I put on three layers of shirts. I had a hard time moving my hands, but I managed.

We called for an accessible taxi and 20 minutes later, we were on our way. In order to get on the actual ice, I cut through the National Arts Centre and got to see the backstage area.

We headed to the Chalet so my Wife could put on her skates. After that, we were off.

We didn’t go very far. We mostly just went up and down the ice for a solid hour. I pulled her on the back of my wheelchair.

I ate Taffy that was spread on snow and it was so good. I could have that more often.

We left shortly after and headed home.

It was a really fun day and got tons of fresh air, which is always good.

I went shopping today for my Wife’s Birthday Present.

I can’t say what I got her because she reads this sometimes.

Besides that, it was a beautiful day here in Ottawa today. The Sun was shining and it was warm for this time of year.

The Boccia thing for tomorrow got changed to a different time, so I’m s.o.l. on that. I may try to head to the Rideau Canal for a bit instead.

Speaking of Boccia, one of the players came over last night and we played a few games in the Basement. My Wife got to watch and even helped me in a game. I’m happy to report that I won one of the four games. It’s good because the guy I beat competes Nationally, so it’s a pretty big win for me. I should point out that my Wife didn’t help on that game.

Nothing else to report right now.